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Long Discharge Energy Storage Solution

Power Tree Corp is developing breakthrough technology in the area of energy storage, solar energy storage, wind energy storage, alternative energy storage and renewable energy storage technology. Our smarter power grid technology can connect everyone to clean, efficient, and reliable electric power anytime, anywhere.

A Smart Electric Grid For the Future

Currently, there is an urgent need for new ways to address the considerable energy related challenges of our era. In the United States, the electricity grid is outdated and inefficient, and through the burning of coal produces a significant portion of world greenhouse gas emissions.

A technology solution that allows for electrical energy storage so it can be available to meet demand whenever needed would represent a major breakthrough in electricity distribution. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY.

Power Tree Corp is directly addressing the US Department of Energy's challenge by developing an energy storage solution that provides green, efficient, cost effective, long discharge performance that has previously not existed.

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Smart Grid Technology

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